Katalin Nohse chImist import srl performs, on a contractual basis, maintenance and service works for the equipment intended for water analysis and treatment, both during the warranty period and after its expiration. Spare parts and consumables are provided directly from the manufacturers, at the most advantageous rates.

The scheduled interventions of the staff of Katalin Nohse chImist import srl are carried out in compliance with the instructions of the equipment manufacturers regarding maintenance, periodic calibrations and replacement of consumables.

As a result, you are assured the elimination of interruptions or malfunctions due to defects or decalibration of the equipment.

You have at least two major advantages: the guarantee of permanent operation of the devices in the desired parameters and the proven extension of the operating time.

The task of monitoring the proper functioning of the equipment rests with the staff of Katalin Nohse chImist import srl, thus freeing up your own workforce.

Katalin Nohse chimist import srl issues Calibration Certificates / Maintenance and Service Certificates based on the work performed, needed in quality assurance systems.


We do not offer catalogs from which you can order products! As it may be the first time you will use a device, why give you the opportunity to make the wrong choice? If you had to choose a car, would browsing through a catalog be enough? Or would you rather ask the advice of someone who has been driving such a car for 10 years? Or would you even take a test drive?

Katalin Nohse chimist import srl has over 25 years of experience in Romania and over 30 years in Europe, experience put at your disposal in the form of advice, consultancy and professional training.

Our technical proposals and offers are customized. Before choosing the technical solution for monitoring, treatment or automation, Katalin Nohse chimist import srl makes proposals or presents alternatives based on which you can form a clear picture of the usefulness of the chosen option.

Katalin Nohse chimist import srl ensures the training of the personnel designated by you for the operation of the delivered equipment. The training of the staff includes both the training of the skills necessary to use the equipment and the information regarding the specific norms of labor protection and environmental protection, as well as the maintenance operations and their recommended periodicity.

Katalin Nohse chimist import srl is at your disposal with reference works that can be visited and inspected throughout the country. Site inspections, development of technical proposals and bids, multimedia and printed presentation materials are provided free of charge.